Recently the book was reviewed by Feathered Quill Books after it won 2 gold medals in their annul awards. One for Inspirational Books and one for Animal Books (adult). Here's a snippet from that review and a link to full write up:

"Adults will agree that life is an adventure of all sorts. All colors are captured: from the black and gray of sadness and pain; to the brilliant slivers of gold that come with successes; to the warm colors that always go hand-in-hand with family, love, and the ability to enjoy life to its fullest. This book is a journey that, quite literally, has all those colors. A journey of one man that proves to every reader how important the old saying, “Take the time to stop and smell the roses,” really is."


Here are some more reviews over the past few months:


Female, Upstate NY, age 95:

"Speaking of your book, we are on the same page. I love it! Good luck.” (excerpt) 


Young adult male, Upstate NY, age 17:

"I’ve been anxious about where my life is headed and what the future holds and worried that I’m going to make a small mistake that will turn me on the wrong path doing a job I don’t want to do, but reading Finding Wonder in the Ordinary just oddly enough calmed the f*ck out of me. Thank you.”


Female, Los Angeles:

"It's the kind of book you pick up when you need a moment of calm. Or inspiration. Or nostalgia. Or if you just want to smile. You can open it to any chapter and read a bit, no need to plow through beginning to end, although that's exactly what I did because it does what any good book does - makes you want to turn the page to see what's next. It really did remind me of all the best parts of my childhood, and I know I'll be turning to it for years to come for a bit of sage childhood wisdom. For adults, of course. :-)"


Young male, Central NY:

A 12 year old read the book and said to their parent "It’s funny, but simple like a kid's book. It’s about Bernie’s life, but it makes sense in my life too.”


Male, NYC:

"The Stephen King quote, “Books are uniquely portable magic”, is the perfect description for Mr. Freytag’s new book. Mixed in with deeply personal stories, he takes you on a funny, heart-warming, and thoughtful trip from Sunrise to Sunset. His illustrations are superb and fun, linking one thought to the next, one chapter to the next. If you feel like you need more time to appreciate the little things, this book encourages you to keep moving, observing, and especially to remember the things that give you joy."

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