Friday, November 26, 2021

Help Find Wonder In Your Brain

In the year 2000, I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) after falling from a bicycle near the Charles River in Boston, MA. At the scene, I fractured my skull, had an extensive laceration, was rendered unconscious for about 24 hours, and spent about a week in the hospital. I spent several months in speech therapy learning important skills and techniques to return closer to my original self. Although I healed physically, a TBI has a lingering effect that continues to wreak havoc over time, keeping you from ever being that person you were before. Needless to say, this is not an easy road. Eventually, my path post-TBI would help me understand this other person I had become, relying heavily on creativity, movement, family, friends, mindfulness, and spirituality. Which led me toward sharing parts of my journey in my book (Find Wonder in the Ordinary; A Kid's Book for Adults). The book helped a fair amount of people with seeing the world differently, and what I didn’t expect is how well it was received well by anyone who had also suffered a TBI. Always surprising me how many people I would meet at book signings or other events that went through something similar. 
I've always hoped sharing my story would be my small way to help others, and now I'm hoping I can do more partnering with the right charitable organization. I decided to work with LoveYourBrain, not just because of how well their work helps others with similar obstacles, but also how well their core values aligned with mine. Please check out LoveYourBrain when you can to understand their purpose more and I think you'll agree on this to be a worthy organization. My fundraising efforts for them are two fold; 
  1. Donating directly to this page I’ve set up on their website:
  2. I’ll also donate 100% of the profits of my book to LYB from Thanksgiving to the New Year:
Thank you all for your continued support. Happy Holidays!

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