Happy Place.

I have a place I like to go..and only I know how to get there. It’s not on any map. You can’t look it up on Google. There are directions to get there, but only I can see them. I’m not even sure what it looks like until I'm there. It’s always changing. This is sacred ground. No one is allowed in. You have a similar place. Protect it. 


  1. This makes art me chuckle. Especially the scowl of the moose. Haha. I can only keep a secret happy place to myself for a short time, then I have to share it. It has a different feel when I'm alone there anyway, which is special all it's own. I love the color and design of this art, cayses the perfect desired emotions: happy and silly.

    1. Thank you! I have it in my head that this is how the animals really feel. :)


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