Find Wonder in the Extra-ordinary.

The Olympics are officially over...and I miss them already. For a short period of time, they create a world I wish we lived in. A world that only competes on the playing field. A world without war. A world where every nation comes together in the spirit of friendly competition. The Olympics are a lesson...and the whole world is watching. They are a lesson on what we are capable of, not only as athletes but as human beings. A lesson for every child (and parent) who wants to contribute anything meaningful to the world. Rarely are there Olympians who are not good sports...and when they are not, they are basically ostracized. The Olympics do not tolerate bad behavior or selfishness. They encourage our best, in competition and in spirit. No doubt they would lose their uniqueness if they were more often, but maybe we can all figure out a way to make their feeling last. If only we could bottle that spirit and consume it frequently while we anxiously await their return. If anything, the Olympics teach us that anything is why the hell not try!


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